Being born in a city as eclectic as Mexico City and later moving to New Orleans has greatly influenced and expressed in the work of Belinda Flores-Shinshillas. Her work has been of a contemporary nature using the figure as the important element in the visual narrative, merging it with abstract concepts and techniques as a way to move through a space. All her elements become a metaphoric voice, capturing the human nature that is reflected while balancing between intimacy and distance.
In a period of two years Flores-Shinshillas developed two projects using portraiture. “We’re all Alike” that consists of a series of portraits intended to create a large-scale installation, and “Decoding the Purity of an Icon” is a series of female oil portrait paintings on canvas with two installations.
She attempted to search for an intimate connection with the human soul, letting the most basic feelings emerge from the eyes of the people that surrounds her. This included people she knew or sometimes just meet.

Portraiture allows Flores-Shinshillas to explore emotions, experiences, memories and expectations. The ethereal nature of the human soul in the sublime unknown.
Her drawings and paintings are an extension of her identity, culture and the community she lives in, using form and color as an idea, an attitude and an interpretation that questions the permanence of the world surrounding her.
Flores-Shinshillas seeks a spiritual transformation through the use of different mediums for a visual experience. This approach conveys a wide range of sensations and emotions that transport the observer from total excitement to an apparent serenity.


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