​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​WE’RE ALL ALIKE
of Drawings
As a species, we share biological and physiological features but, as humans we have sociological and spiritual similitudes that make us the most powerful leading mammal on the planet. Even though humans share one hundred percent of the same genes, the orders contained within the genes are not entirely identical. Each person is unique. Despite differences caused by specific geographical areas of origin and orders in DNA we keep the most basic and fundamental characteristics.
We’re All Alike is project of a series of charcoal drawings (22 x 27 inches each) exploring these similitudes we all share through portraiture. Inspired by the tradition of Gold Glass Roman Medallions portraying noted persons such as kings, queens and the wealthy, this series takes the simplicity of the work itself presenting the traditional bust of the individual over a black background allowing the power of his/her personality to emerge. We’re All Alike takes this tradition to a contemporary display of common men and women through the most basic, intimate and important medium in Visual Arts. Labels of race, gender, sexual orientation and social status don't interfere within this body of work. The similarities all people share are the foundation of this art installation.

Working in the creation of an installation of a large-scale like this made by individual black and white drawings using color only to emphasized the expression through the eyes of the person portrayed permits me to contemplate the intimacy of my studio practice. It helps me focus my efforts into finishing a drawing piece as a complete and whole artwork and not just a sketch as a preparation for a painting. As an artist, I always wanted to create a work of Art of this scope and scale. 

© 2017 Belinda Flores-Shinshillas.